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Quickly check if your property qualifies for an as-of-right laneway suite (in Toronto only, with more cities to come) and how much it might cost. Note that even if Dencity lists a property as not being viable, the in situ reality may differ from the data sourced. Toronto homeowners should check their property's viability by confirming with a professional that laneway suite (LWS) zoning criteria can be met. In all cities, homeowners may apply to Committee of Adjustment or similar bodies for non-conforming designs that vary from the zoning by-law.

Site Analysis

Our in-person site analyses are offered in Toronto (ON) and Hamilton (ON), with more cities to come. Request a consultation using our online form.


Refer to a list of contractors, turn-key builders, design-builders, architects, engineers, interior designers, drafters, surveyors, or lawyers that specialize in accessory dwelling units in your city.

Part of the Housing Crisis Solution

Recent changes to planning policies in many Canadian cities now allow and prescribe (as per by-laws) the construction of a second residential dwelling on many properties with an existing house. These secondary dwellings are a sustainable solution to moderately densify otherwise unused land.

This second dwelling is known as a secondary/ancillary/accessory dwelling unit (ADU), granny flat, garden suite, laneway house, or laneway suite. Faced with increasing housing costs and restricted growth, Canadian homeowners would like to know if they can develop their properties to accommodate ADUs.

Dencity is a one-stop-shop for all things ADU in Canada. Use our calculator to determine whether you can build an ADU as-of-right (conforming to by-laws), how much it will cost, how much area you can build, and what the financial return may be. Confirm site feasibility by requesting a site analysis or use the marketplace to search for contractors, architects, surveyors, and more.

Canada's ADU & Laneway House Marketplace

Dencity is a one-stop-shop for Canadian homeowners who wish to take their ADU from planning through to construction and occupancy. The platform provides homeowners at all stages of their project with help, to make the process of building an ADU as transparent as possible.

From Start to End

For those embarking on an ADU project, a preliminary assessment with our free Calculator tool may be helpful. Currently running for Toronto laneway suites (with more cities to come), it provides you with quick estimates for site viability, area, and budget. To confirm viability, we suggest completing our Site Analysis form to have a professional opinion from one of our consultants (currently offered in Toronto and Hamilton). For those further down the line with their project, the Marketplace provides local consultants like contractors, designers, engineers, and more.

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